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Audit-related consulting for the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry exists in an emotional and uncertain market environment, where high expectations serve as growth drivers. At the same time, never-ending cost pressure demands constant readjustments in business policy. KPMG's Healthcare Assurance supports healthcare companies in exploiting the opportunities of the healthcare markets and mastering challenges with certainty and foresight.

What is the importance of Healthcare Assurance for your company?

  • The developments of the last few years have shown that a healthcare company's long-term strategic positioning is more important than ever if it wants to avoid being surprised by economic difficulties.
  • Therefore, it is important not to make decisions based on gut instinct, but to know and analyse your own competitive environment as well as your own situation.

What services can KPMG offer you?

  • Benchmarking: A well-proven strategic tool in the healthcare industry is benchmarking. Benchmarking is a systematic process that examines the strategies, services as well as processes and methods used by the best competitors to draw a comparison with a company's own situation. To facilitate benchmarking for companies in the healthcare industry, KPMG has developed a database for this industry which enables comparisons with German healthcare companies on an aggregated and anonymous basis and thus allows a realistic assessment of the current competitive situation and allows strengths and potential to be identified. KPMG uses more than 50 million data records, including structure and process data, quality and financial data, each from publicly accessible sources. KPMG thus deals with the problem of collecting and updating data, along with selecting comparison groups and interpreting results, thus enabling easy use of this important strategic decision-making tool.
  • A broad range of services: Number-based and accounting-related consulting: It's more than just a pure software tool; rather, a problem-solving philosophy has developed from the many years of accounting-related benchmarking in the healthcare industry. KPMG's Healthcare Assurance specialises in finding and analysing the right data in the healthcare industry, preparing decisions and also accompanying them through to implementation.

What are the advantages for you?

  • Our range of services in Healthcare Assurance follows one goal: to provide you with certainty for your decisions. Our consulting spectrum includes preparing expert reports, analysing and optimising administrative and accounting-related processes, organisational and operational structures, assessing medical business plans, support for investment and financing plans, determining profitability potential, optimising your cost accounting, audit or risk management systems as well as auditing your compliance systems.
  • Practice has shown: sound, up-to-date and comprehensible decisions are the best way for the management of a healthcare company to stay ahead of the competition.

What expertise does KPMG offer you?

To address the specific issues and requirements of the healthcare industry by offering high quality and drawing on experience, KPMG has combined industry and subject-matter experts in its Assurance Services team.