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Together with our strategic partner Microsoft, we deliver solutions that help you transform processes and accelerate business growth in a trusted cloud environment. We combine advanced technologies with industry knowledge, creative thinking and management expertise. 

We work closely with you to uncover and harness all the potential to help your business grow using the cloud. We focus on these topics: technologies, processes, planning, change management, and finance and risk assessments. 

Our Microsoft Dynamics offerings include end-to-end consulting:

  • Evaluation of the business case 
  • Implementation support of a Dynamics system 
  • Post-go-live optimization in the course of business transformations, process and organizational changes
  • Quality assurance support of Dynamics implementations to support the go-live readiness of a system in terms of design, testing and migration.

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Our main topics

Customer Transformation

Customer needs and interactions have changed significantly in recent years. This evolution has also had an impact on business models. Away from simply managing customer relationships to customer-centric relationship management. For this reason, Custocmer Experiene, personalization as well as customer loyalty are the key trends occupying the CRM market. 

Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship management business solution that enables you to improve marketing capabilities for your business, increase revenue, and deliver outstanding customer service to your user:s. A system for capturing 360-degree customer information and relevant insights.


Sustainability, when done right, is an opportunity - for increased growth, profitability, and shareholder value. To implement a sustainable business strategy, companies should be able to access and assess their ESG data. The use of technology makes it possible to address company- and industry-specific ESG data challenges.  

Microsoft and KPMG offer from data management to reporting, a sustainable business strategy. Together, we develop Cloud for Sustainability and Power Platform solutions to meet your needs.

Modern Work

Modernizing the digital workplace and employee engagement are critical to market success. Distributed teams, brand new business models and complex security issues are just some of the requirements we should address. 

In our transformation portfolio, we integrate custom HR technology solutions with Power Platform and Viva. 

Cloud Strategy (including Security & Compliance)

To achieve benefits of increased agility and improved IT security, organizations should implement the right cloud strategy.

We support you on your way to the cloud - starting with the cloud strategy, cloud governance structures and accompanying the transformation. At every stage, proper compliance and regulatory adherence is important to us.

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