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With KPMG's deep industry and process expertise and the power of IBM solutions, we bring together the best of both organizations to help our clients around the world become more agile in an increasingly complex business environment. 

KPMG's business-focused approach, combined with IBM's advanced technology, helps improve business results. The alliance with IBM makes KPMG a clear choice as a trusted advisor in digital transformation for growth through technology-enabled solutions and services. A key differentiator of KPMG's consulting services is the support provided on both the business and technical side. This allows end-to-end projects to be offered.

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These are the trend topics on which IBM and KPMG are working together

S/4HANA transformation (SAP on Power)

SAP HANA on IBM Power can be used to process large amounts of data in a powerful way. As a virtualized platform, IBM can ensure fast processes in conjunction with the in-memory database HANA, as not only the reliability increases, but also the storage capacity. SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems provides faster data access, supports enhanced business insights and creates potential for more openness and innovation.

Finance Transformation (IBM Planning Analytics & IBM Cognos)

With IBM Planning Analytics, you can automate budgeting and analytics processes and create smarter workflows to accelerate finance transformation. IBM Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence and analytics solution and makes it easier for you to visualize and analyze your business data. Both solutions are available as on-premise or cloud implementations. Get an impression of the tool here.

Accelerated Cloud Transformation (IBM Hybrid Multicloud Platform)

More and more organizations are combining innovation and the flexibility of cloud services with stringent security and compliance requirements. IBM Hybrid Multicloud is an environment that integrates traditional IT with a combination of public, private or managed cloud services. This solution helps you drive digital transformation with insights from data, forecasting, security, automation and modernization in any cloud environment.

AI for IT Operations (AIOps)

Implementing new technologies, such as cloud adoption, demand an increasingly fast pace of innovation in IT departments. IBM's Watson AIOps enables you to respond to incidents in IT systems in real time. Integration of AI Ops systems is achieved through our developed KPMG cloud monitoring framework. With IBM's intelligent AIOps systems and consulting capabilities from KPMG, the result is a solution tailored to your needs.

Risk & Regulatory (Managed Service Solution Risk Hub).

Increasing regulation, market dynamics and competitive forces are challenges that force companies to think about how to optimize governance, risk and compliance. Risk Hub provides a holistic view of risk and integrates data across all levels of the enterprise through an interactive, cloud-based technology solution that enables real-time risk management.

Quantum Computing (QC)

IBM's Quantum Computing technology helps solve complex challenges in the shortest possible time. With IBM's quantum computing strategy and KPMG's consulting capabilities, we can provide tailored support for your quantum journey. This includes advice on trends and use cases. In addition, KPMG offers a QC readiness assessment.

Emerging Technology: Blockchain & IoT

IBM's blockchain solutions enable you to easily build and integrate a blockchain network on your custom IT environments to meet the technology needs of digital identities. By combining IoT data with IBM Cloud® technologies, you can gain valuable insights to improve operations and create innovative business models. Get an impression of the tool here.

KPMG Tax Services as part of the SAP S/4HANA transformation.

Due to SAP S/4HANA, the topic of taxes takes on even greater importance. Taxes, direct and indirect, are an area where legal regulations have a major impact and technology needs to adapt quickly to provide viable solutions. Together with KPMG expertise, this results in a solution portfolio around Tax Optimization that is tailored to your needs.

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