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You are interested in the German marketplace and would like to know more about Germany as a business location? What are the challenges when doing business in Europe’s largest economy and which opportunities does Germany provide going forward?

Business in Germany is a quarterly English-language publication that provides relevant insights on the economic development of Germany and discusses how this translates into operational change of multinational organizations. As necessary, we provide updates on recent regulatory developments, taxation, as well as finance.  

Highlights – May 2021 edition:

The year 2021 is in full swing and the social and all economic indicators are pointing to an upswing. In the meantime, vaccination programs have been successfully launched in most countries, with far-reaching implications for all our lives and the German economy.

In this newsletter we explain why we expect the German economy to grow by at least 3,5 % this year and what impact additional consumer spending will have on certain markets and industries. Furthermore, we provide an overview of the prospering German venture capital market, which has reached a new all-time high. In addition, we focus on 5G-technology as a future investment field and highlight the current results of our 100 Days of Brexit publication as well as the experiences of the companies surveyed. We also present an overview of the current changes in compliance and tax law and compare IFRS with national GAAP standards.

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