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Covid-19 is a shock to the economy. The economic consequences of the global pandemic response will be felt for many years. Companies were and are initially challenged by the abrupt cut to secure their ability to act and to test their resilience. After this initial reaction, however, companies should adjust to the new normality and the changed conditions that come with it and seize the opportunities that open up. Because the crisis is also a catalyst. It accelerates already existing developments.

For example, the enforced social distance has given the digital transformation an enormous boost. Entire business models have lost much of their importance - at least in the short term. Others, on the other hand, are experiencing a growth spurt. This inevitably raises the question of the reallocation of company portfolios. Covid-19 also requires a differentiated rethinking of international and globally oriented corporate strategies - for example with regard to supply chains. At the same time, there is increasing pressure to align value chains in a sustainable way. All these corporate fields of action require intensive reflection. Covid-19 is a turning point, the new normality a disruptive phase. The task now is to actively shape this change and to strategically utilise the resulting advantages.

Let's overcome the crisis together and tap into the opportunities of the new normal.

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