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KPMG Venture Deals

Your path to a successful transaction

Whether you plan to buy or sell a growth tech, start-up or scale-up, planning in due time forms the basis for a successful transaction. The sooner any possible legal, tax, financial or operational  challenges are addressed, the faster and more effectively you can start  the process and minimize risk.

KPMG's Venture M&A team,  is specialized in precisely these issues and helps you from transaction preparation through process management, valuation and negotiation to the successful finish of the process. With us  guiding you though the process, you gain all  relevant information, tailored to your individual situation to finish the transaction  successfully.

The right buy- and sell-side advisor

As your buy- or sell-side advisor, we develop the right acquisition strategy and effective tactics, as well as approach potential target companies together. If you  plan to sell your company, we identify potential strategic and financial investors from our global network. Thanks to efficient and targeted preparation of M&A process materials such as teasers and information memorandums, we assist you in being well prepared for mastering the process.

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