Compliance & Forensic

Compliance and Forensic supports you in the implementation of legal requirements and the fight against white-collar crime.

Compliance and Forensic supports you in the fight against white-collar crime.

Entrepreneurial activity is characterised by constant dynamics. Globalisation, digitalisation, pressure on efficiency and margins wrestle with increasing requirements through legislation, regulation and official investigative activity. The call for compliance covers the observance of all regulations applicable to the company and its actors, whether internal or external. The implementation of new requirements, e.g. for the prevention of corruption, money laundering or competition violations, compliance with data protection or protection against cyber attacks, generally requires the review and adaptation of existing or the design and implementation of new systems, processes and measures. 

But also the promotion of integrity, tone at the top and at the middle as well as the sustainable pursuit of business ethics are part of modern compliance management. 

Compliance and Forensic supports you in introducing the standards that are right for your company and in maintaining an overview of the world of compliance.

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The KPMG 24/7 Forensic Hotline: 0800 SOS KPMG (0800 767 5764).


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