The low interest rate environment, the increasing regulatory requirements and the ever-advancing digitalisation - for banks, insurance companies and other companies in the financial sector, these are probably the biggest challenges at the moment. 

It is therefore becoming increasingly important for companies to have modern IT systems and innovative data management. Especially in order to meet the changing business models and the increasing cost pressure - also as a result of outdated monolithic IT structures.

Furthermore, departments and IT in companies should no longer be regarded as separate units, but must move closer together as digitalisation progresses and new technologies and agile working models are used in data management.

Banks as well as insurance companies are sitting on huge, untapped data treasures. 

In order to derive usable knowledge and sustainable decisions from the flood of data and information in companies, banks and insurance companies must understand how to tap this treasure.

Because only those who are able to systematically evaluate their data as quickly and purposefully as possible and can guarantee a high level of data quality will be ahead in the future.

The large internet companies have already recognised this problem. They manage to earn money with the data available to them and create added value by combining data in their systems. Banks and insurance companies, on the other hand, have so far only used a fraction of the data available to them.

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Active management helps to monetise the treasure trove of data. 

It is important to define a tailor-made strategy for the topic of data management, which defines suitable methods of analysis as well as tools and creates the infrastructural prerequisites. 

All the necessary building blocks are summarised in the KPMG Data and Architecture Framework.

Our framework serves as an overarching operational model and bundles all the essential components that are relevant for efficient and sustainable data management and the associated business and IT architecture - from strategy to analysis to technically comprehensive design and implementation.

With innovative technical solutions and our comprehensive know-how, we generate real added value through active data management and architecture transformation. Through the interaction of IT and business expertise, we create coordinated and cross-divisional solutions to meet the growing customer demand for integrated, agile and future-proof data management in a sustainable IT architecture environment.

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