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Corporate governance - that is, the area in a company that deals with responsible corporate management - has changed greatly in recent years. Again and again, new topics and challenges have emerged and continue to emerge, to which answers should be found.

In the CGO Magazine we deal in detail with the different aspects of this topic. In the twelve issues we have published so far, we have looked at what the EU General Data Protection Regulation means for companies, taken a look at sustainable business models and analysed how companies can remain fit for the future with the help of internal control systems. In addition, we conduct in-depth interviews with experts from business and science in each issue. 

Contents of the current issue (November 2021)

The pandemic with its immediate consequences has pushed ESG aspects somewhat into the background - but only temporarily. Environmental, social and governance criteria have not lost their importance. On the contrary: sustainable business processes are increasingly decisive for corporate success.

This is because customers, investors and other interest groups are demanding sustainability, and in addition, the legislator is enacting new compliance and reporting requirements with regard to ESG and holds out the prospect of further ones. These requirements cannot be implemented without suitable and functioning corporate governance systems.

ESG is thus becoming a key driver of corporate governance. In the 12th issue of our Corporate Governance Magazine, we examine the different facets of ESG.  The key question is: How should companies align their governance function accordingly in order to be future-proof with the growing importance of ESG criteria?

Interview with Tarek Müller, Co-CEO of ABOUT YOU

Tarek Müller also talks about the sustainability megatrend in an interview with us. The 33-year-old from Hamburg is co-founder and co-CEO of the online fashion retailer ABOUT YOU. We discuss with him how ESG strategies can be made visible in concrete terms, which ESG trends will become increasingly important in the coming years and why sustainability will consolidate the market.

Other topics in the issue:

  • Return of the Honourable Businessman: Why Compliance and Integrity Belong Together
  • Supply chain due diligence: responsibility along the supply chain
  • ESG as a success criterion: Mapping sustainability KPIs with balanced scorecards
  • EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance: How sustainability becomes measurable
  • From island to network: How an efficient hydrogen market can be created
  • ISO 37301: A new international standard for compliance management systems
  • FISG: What the new law means for corporate governance
  • Audit reviews in unusual times: Benefits and risks of remote audits
  • Data protection in cloud services: It won't work without risk analysis
  • The CGO as coordinator: delegating compliance duties properly