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KPMG surveyed 360 CFOs of the largest German subsidiaries of international corporations from the most significant investor countries to ask how they perceive Germany as a business location. Representing 100 interviews in the study, US corporations feature most strongly, since the US is highest ranked in terms of foreign direct investment in Germany. The results will shortly be published in our special "US-Business in Germany 2022". This fresh perspective is important both for international investors and for decision-makers in politics and business.

For a large number of location factors, more than half of the surveyed CFOs from the US inbounds ranked Germany among the top 5 countries in the EU. At the same time, the deficiencies criticised already two years ago continue to be viewed as difficult. Some factors have deteriorated even further.

For many location factors relevant to future value creation, it is noteworthy that while Germany is still considered part of the European leading group, it has lost ground substantially in terms of its esteem. Therefore, the survey results are encouraging but also serve as a clear reminder: Germany is still viewed by US corporations as a flagship for innovative and economic potential in Europe, but it can no longer rest on past successes. The newly elected federal government needs to undertake fundamental reforms to address existing deficiencies and to make Germany more attractive as a business location for international investors.

Would you like to attend the presentation of the study results live and receive exciting additional information? You are kindly invited to our Webcast Live: US-Business in Germany 2022.