Each quarter we aim to keep you up to date with a concise review of the M&A and fundraising activity in the Technology Sector in GSA, together with a look at capital market developments, valuation levels and a deep dive into particular sector issues with insights from our KPMG experts.

The topics of this issue

Mergers & Acquisitions: Following a strong rebound in 3Q20, deal activity slowed in the final quarter, with deal count falling by 13% (from 83) in a lacklustre market still suffering from the impact of Covid-19 – related restrictions on deal sourcing and pipeline. German deal count was down by 29% on the previous quarter (to just 42 deals), though this was partially offset by an increase in Switzerland and Austria.

  • Fundraising: Fundraising activity continued to decline, with the number of deals decreasing by 18% from 77 in Q3 to 63 in Q4, the lowest level since 2018. The decrease was most pronounced in Financial Software, with the number of deals falling from 23 to just 14. 
  • Capital markets: Throughout 2020, financial markets were heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, technology stocks rebounded both quicker and higher than the overall market, and the gap between the STOXX Tech index and STOXX Market Index widened throughout the year.
  • KPMG Insights: This quarter we summarise the key points from “Connected Health – the new reality for healthcare” a recent KPMG publication. Key takeaways include the role of an interconnective tech-enabled ecosystem, important healthcare system redesign factors, and the emergence of patient-centered care.

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