Ever more, ever faster: The speed with which new methods and treatments are being developed in life sciences is high.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this speed even further.

The latest trends in life sciences – and those that are emerging are highlighted in our publication Trends in the Life Sciences Industry. Its purpose is to provide you with initial information and assist you with identifying the trends that are of interest to your own company. The data used for that purpose is based on information from our own experts and external sources, databases and media. We have categorised all trends into different sectors to gain a better overview.

For example, we include trends in prescription medicines in the biopharma sector. This includes mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines, but also big data drug discovery, which refers to the analysis of large volumes of data from experiments and clinical studies for the development of new medicines.

Another important field: diagnostics. The focus here is on new methods to detect infectious diseases, but also on molecular diagnostics. This includes a Covid-19 test using your own smartphone. According to the developers, a swab is transferred to a chip that emits a fluorescent light. The result – positive or negative – can be read with a smartphone camera using an adapter.

A third sector, digital medicine, combines medicine and digitalisation. This includes trends in preventive care and treatment, such as health apps or telemedicine. Also included are digital wearables that can monitor vital functions, for example, to be able to detect symptoms of disease (at an earlier stage).

Last but not least: medical devices and biomaterials, including innovative devices and implants. One example are neuromorphic chips. In this area, scientists are trying to develop tiny components that function like the human brain and could be used as intelligent pacemakers.

We not only explain these and many other innovations from all four areas for you in this trend radar, but also put them into context. This provides you with a first overview of the degree of innovation, medical potential (impact) and projected market relevance of the latest trends.

Have tomorrow’s trends already on your radar today!