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COVID-19 has accelerated the trend towards flexible and mobile working. However, the ability to work from anywhere is not only promising in times of crisis. The implementation of flexible work structures and virtual collaboration also promises a competitive advantage in the long run.

A successful “Work anywhere, together” (WAT) strategy, however, requires the examination of different aspects such as corporate culture, national and international compliance requirements and duty of care obligation, talent management, HR processes and technologies.

Our cross-service team of experts can accompany you on the way from the development to the implementation of your individual WAT-strategy. 

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What is it about?

It is literally about the flexibility to work from anywhere. This goes far beyond working from home. It can mean to hire an employee in country A who permanently works from country B. It can also mean that you work from a café or temporarily from a different location for private reasons.

Why is it important?

Experience indicates that a successful working from anywhere strategy can have a strong positive impact on top-line revenue growth and bottom-line margins.

Increase your attractiveness as an employer, find the better talent and keep them motivated and engaged by giving them the highest level of autonomy to decide where and when they work. At the same time decrease tremendously the time and costs for commute, permanent office spaces and add a positive impact on climate change.

What can be next?

  • Discover: First discover if “WAT” makes sense for your company, your business units and your employees. Understand the concrete business value it adds to your organization and understand what it takes to mitigate the infrastructure and risks associated with delivering successful “WAT” model.
  • Define: Develop design concepts and assess viability and impact of each approach to support work anywhere.
  • Design: Formulate a detailed future state design and transition plan, considering and planning for impact on key functions and stakeholder groups.
  • Deploy: Implement a well-thought and balanced approach with focus on compliance and employee experience.  

How we can support you?

Getting from discovery to successful deployment requires inclusive and effective teaming of multiple experts covering design thinking, business modeling, change management, project management, transformation expertise, technology expertise and multiple compliance areas. At KPMG we have already established a virtual “WAT” Team that comprises all the skills and competencies that you need.

Now it's up to you. No matter if you require holistic transformation support, support in single steps above or an answer to a specific question, we are here to help with our inclusive “WAT” Team.

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