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KPMG's "Business in Germany" – October 2018

KPMG's "Business in Germany" – October 2018

KPMG's Business in Germany is a quarterly English language publication that provides useful insights on Germany as a business location and focuses on foreign investors.

Andreas Glunz

Managing Partner International Business

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft


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Accruing debt at historically low interest rates was the easy part. Now we’ll start to see how investment plans actually play out. With US T-bills yielding 3 per cent and rising, investments worldwide will be increasingly under scrutiny. 

This makes it all the more important to make well-informed investment decisions. We’ve taken a look at Berlin and Munich and describe what is driving investments in these cities. Find out more in the latest edition of Business in Germany.

Debt is just one risk factor at play. Our assessment of the future readiness and resilience of German companies is more relevant than ever. We provide you with our results.

What’s more, this edition of Business in Germany gives key insights for foreign investors on the following topics:

  • Changes in trade – a European perspective
  • Electronic filing of A1 applications
  • Germany’s love of insurance

KPMG’s Business in Germany

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