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Industry 4.0 – Starting the next industrial revolution in Germany

Industry 4.0 – Industrial Revolution in Germany

Combining mechanical and electrical engineering with informatics yields an entirely new way of industrial production called Industry 4.0. The progress made in Germany seems to set the tone for the rest of the world.


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From an economic point of view, we live in revolutionary times. The costs of gathering, transferring and processing data have fallen so low that new ways of production are becoming possible. Automation, artificial intelligence and robotics will transform factories, logistics and product cycles.

Over the past few decades, Germany has developed into a world leader in mechanical and electrical engineering. By successfully adding another ingredient, information technology, it aspires to lead the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

Surveying 529 foreign CFOs, we found that the progress in Germany is attracting international companies in vast numbers. Our whitepaper “Industry 4.0 – Starting the next industrial revolution in Germany” takes a closer look at just why they flock to Germany.

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