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KPMG's "Business in Germany"– December 2017

KPMG's "Business in Germany"– December 2017

KPMG's Business in Germany is a quarterly english language publication that provides useful insights on Germany as a business location and focuses on foreign investors.


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Populism is on the rise. This was already the consensus at the Davos World Economic Forum at the beginning of the year. However, Germany remains a beacon of stability. Despite the German electorate propelling the populist right-wing party AfD into the Bundestag, rationality does seem to prevail. The coalition partner, however, has yet to be determined. A continuation of the grand coalition with the Social Democrats promises a stable business environment.

Additionally, this edition of Business in Germany Newsletter provides key insights for foreign investors on the following topics:

  • Germany first: Why US investments are attracted to Germany in such great numbers
  • Not my president: How to avoid falling victim to scams known as ‘fake president’ and why German companies seem to be such excellent targets
  • Takeover regulation: What the expanded veto right of the Ministry of Economics implies for non-EU investments
  • Central Germany: How history bolsters businesses in dealing with future disruptions
  • Federalism at work (or not): Why the number of public holidays depends on the state in which your company is located

KPMG’s Business in Germany

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