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The fog is lifting: a fresh look at Brexit impacts

The fog is lifting: a fresh look at Brexit impacts

The Brexit becomes reality. Our impact analysis explains what to expect and how companies may be affected.



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The end is nigh. After decades of ever closer partnership, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. By triggering Article 50, the British government has started the withdrawal process. The referendum’s result will become a reality. 

The consequences are extensive. Even more so with Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May steering the country towards a hard Brexit. Thus, doing business in Europe with and from the UK will be set on an entirely different footing.

Our impact analysis examines which laws, regulations and trading parameters will be affected. Also, it indicates which parameters need consideration when actually relocating from Great Britain towards the European mainland. For those countries with the most prominent multinationals located in UK we provide individual analyses – the US, Japan, South Korea, China, India and Canada. Please click below for the respective edition.

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