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Investment in Germany

Investment in Germany

A practical investor guide to the tax and regulatory landscape in Germany.



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Well-trained skilled workers, superior technological know-how, high quality standards in production and an excellent infrastructure for business are just a few important factors making Germany one of the most interesting destinations for foreign direct investment.

In addition to all these benefits, Germany has been experiencing solid and constant growth. For 2016, the Federal Government expects GDP to increase by 1.7 %, despite the slow-down of the world economy. This development is driven by the continuing dynamism of exports and the recovery of domestic demand. The strong economic upturn is accompanied by a decline in new public debt and a positive sentiment among businesses and consumers.

To make it easier for foreign companies to locate their operations in Germany, KPMG publishes the booklet “Investment in Germany”. The publication is in English and contains information on company law, accounting principles, business taxation and taxation of individuals, as well as on labour law.

A country’s legal framework and transparency of the legal provisions are of paramount importance for businesses. Sound investment and commercial decisions can only be made if the laws and principles of regulation and supervision, accounting and taxation are known.

Not only is Germany’s legal environment complex by nature, it is subject to constant changes. Therefore, KPMG’s publication is updated at regular intervals. The authors are tax law specialists who see their task as more than mere stocktaking. They link up basic theoretical knowledge with practical experience and present it in a concise and descriptive manner. 

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