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The real estate industry is confronted with numerous social and economic challenges and has to respond to the changing needs of society: Employees want office concepts that allow them to better balance their private lives, the aging population benefits from digital assistants in their own homes, and customers want a smooth customer journey in retail.

Therefore, it is important to use the possibilities of data analytics and artificial intelligence to initiate the digital transformation and to sustainably change the processes in the real estate industry.

The digital real estate industry

The whitepaper "Real Estate + Innovations" examines topics, trends and technologies that are occupying the industry. Our experts share their experience and assessment of relevant developments in the real estate industry: from New Work to networked services, from multifunctional living concepts to corporate development.

New work, ESG and living in old age

The first part of the publication focuses on the various approaches to designing digital real estate worlds. Efficient ways to strengthen digital governance & compliance are explained in the second part. Finally, in the third section, we discuss which properties and innovations are relevant for the megatrends ESG and living in old age.

You can download the whitepaper here: