In the past two years, the topic of digitisation has moved into the focus of education policy in Germany and is being advanced with the DigitalPakt Schule. In addition to technological implementation, however, a modern education strategy must above all answer the question of objectives, principles and the values to be imparted.

The mere imparting of knowledge is not enough to sustainably promote social development. Discussions often focus on individual education and development. However, strategically important are rather the following questions:

  • How does the design of our education system affect families, the labour market, our society or even national interests? 
  • How can we prepare young people for the challenges of the future, e.g. through demographic change? 
  • Where can we learn from other countries and rethink our education system without losing the tried and tested?

These points need to be answered in line with the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) measures called for in the 2030 Agenda.

Education strategy and innovation

A modern education strategy must answer the question of purpose, principles and the values to be taught. How do we reflect the changes for families, the labour market, our society or even national interests?

Both in our professional and private lives, we are increasingly and repeatedly using new digital media. We often learn new things through play, and gamification approaches will also continue to gain importance in everyday school life in all age groups. In recent years, our society has evolved and our family life has changed. The pandemic has made mobile working from home both a chore and a challenge for many. Where can modern forms of learning and digital tools best support students, parents, teachers and school administrators? In view of issues such as demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, school education should be expanded to include necessary competences. Where can we learn from other countries? A good education strategy aims at leaving no child behind. Equality of opportunity is only achieved when we have good graduation rates at schools and universities for children from educationally disadvantaged families and pupils with disabilities.

Project audit

In the project audit, we increase the chances of success of your large-scale project, identify problem areas, give recommendations for action and provide information relevant to decision-making.

IT projects are very complex and often cannot be sufficiently checked by the client from a technical and legal point of view. By conducting a project audit, we increase the chances of success of your major projects and create transparency about the project status. The methodology includes a kind of health check that serves to prevent and ensure success as well as to optimise procedures. As a result, decision-makers are informed about potentially existing problem areas, recommendations for action are derived for the project and decision-relevant information is provided. With our broad expertise, we can provide you with competent support in both technical and legal matters.

Project management, change management, performance measurement, controlling

Our experts are at your side in the process of change and support providers, schools, teachers, parents and students in using new digital infrastructures to create value in everyday education.

The availability of a good technical infrastructure at schools is only the first step. Only when both teachers and students are confident in using digital media and enjoy using them regularly can added value be created. The transformation to a more digital school can only be achieved with a process of change that, in addition to imparting knowledge, also promotes the motivation of all those involved - including school administrators - to keep developing. In order to keep up with current developments, it is necessary to adapt organisation and processes within the education system to the challenges.

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