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In the past years European banking and insurances have been confronted with substantial modernizations of the financial supervisory regime. They have to comply with strict regulations for their investments and depend therefore on the assistance of asset managers and their qualified reporting. Without this reporting being provided for their fund investment certain investors have to redeem their investments due to regulatory requirements.

The regulator intends a look through approach for risks in connection with fund investments. This includes calculation and reporting of the risks, to which the fund is exposed. This risk reporting is an increasingly important criteria for EU insurances and financial entities when deciding about a fund investment. Funds without the appropriate transparency reporting have a significant disadvantage, due to high risk values for intransparent funds. Hence, it is highly recommendable for Asset Managers to provide the appropriate reporting depending on the investors’ background to keep important investors and win new ones.

An extract of the reports KPMG offers:

  • Solvency II: The Solvency II reporting enables European insurances to calculate the Solvency capital requirements (SCR) due to the fund investment. Common standard is the TPT template, which KPMG offers but also other reporting formats are possible (e.g. a summarizing SCR Fact Sheet).
  • VAG: The VAG reporting addresses smaller insurances and pension funds. It offers them a breakdown of the fund’s portfolio to enable them to fulfill the asset acquisition requirements of the German Insurance Supervision Act (VAG).
  • GroMiKV: The GroMiKV reporting enables investors from the banking sector to identify their concentrated exposures according to the regulation of large exposures and loans (GroMiKV).
  • CRR: In different reports KPMG calculates for financial institutional investors the fund’s CVA risk, own fund deduction quotes, FX exposure and risk weights according to the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR).

Reliable data partners and extensive experience in regular reporting allows us to offer our clients high quality reporting. Our deeply automated creation process gives us the possibility to offer very competitive prices and fast turnaround times. Simultaneously it is flexible to process different data formats. We stay constantly informed about changing requirements and keep our reporting permanently up to date to new reporting standards.