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There has never been so much change in the financial sector as today: regulatory requirements, risk management, technical innovations, prevention of money laundering and changing customer demands are forcing market participants to continuously adapt their core businesses and to innovate. With our profound expertise and international knowledge network, we can support you in all issues currently impacting the industry. We offer leading audit, tax and consulting solutions that focus on business needs and stand out from the competition. We assist all market participants successfully in Germany and abroad, selecting the perfect portfolio solution for your specific requirements. Our services and solutions go beyond short-term measures. We want your organisation to be at the forefront of the financial services sector and to remain fit for the future. KPMG's Financial Services team offers you the services you need – all from a single source. KPMG in Germany's Financial Services Group is divided into asset management, banking and insurance companies. 

Asset Management

Our asset management experts understand the needs of investors – institutionals, private wealth management and retail clients. How does the global crisis influence your assets? What role does blockchain technology play and how can your business benefit? What is sustainable finance and in which way can your portfolio be designed in view of ESG and new norms? We can support you in all major asset classes and markets and offer a holistic view of your value chains, your interdependencies, market participants and more. We aim to provide you with a tailored service of the highest standard.


The market for banking is in a state of upheaval. In view of new regulatory requirements, banks must weigh up which of their business activities will still be attractive in the future. We analyse profitability and costs, equity and liquidity as well as the tax implications for your businesses. New accounting standards and reporting requirements are further increasing complexity in the sector. The global zero interest rate policy and the demand for greener investments is putting additional pressure on banks. KPMG as your partner focuses on macroeconomic developments as well as on individual solutions.


The complexity of the globalised world and the rise of unforeseen events is giving insurance companies a bigger role to play. To remain successful, it is essential to consider regulatory issues and also to implement and monitor effective risk management. Our global network of insurance experts offers solutions for the development of new product offerings, the formation of new customer segments and the optimisation of distribution and business systems – worldwide and individually tailored to the client's requirements.

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