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Jutta Kempers

In-house lawyer | Senior Manager, Financial Services

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

As Senior Manager in Financial Services, I support our clients with regulatory consulting and implementation projects in accordance with national and international requirements, standards and best practices. In addition, I provide assistance with regulatory annual audits of banks. I am happy to support you with issues relating to the increased legal and organisational requirements concerning Brexit (compliance with new reporting requirements, written rules of procedure, organisational set-up, etc.), Basel III and Basel IV, CRR/CRD IV/CRD V as well as EBA standards (e.g. impact analysis, highlighting courses of action). The assumption of the entire reporting or parts thereof by KPMG (preparation of reporting, communication with the supervisory authority, written rules of procedure, etc.) and the preparation of disclosure reports form part of our client range of services. I am happy to support you with the audit of regulatory or corporate policy effects on the capital base as well as the changeover of reporting to IFRS involving the implementation of new software.

Jutta Kempers

Education and qualifications

  • Lawyer

  • 3 ½ years of experience in a financial conglomerate and 13 years of experience in banking supervision legislation at KPMG

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