Georg Hartmann

Senior Manager, Audit, Head of the Certification Body of KPMG Cert GmbH Environmental Verification Organisation

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

In addition to his role as head of the certification body, Georg Hartmann is an accredited environmental verifier according to EMAS and lead auditor for quality, environmental, energy and occupational safety management systems. He is also a lead auditor for greenhouse gas emissions and an occupational safety specialist. Georg Hartmann has broad experience in the following industries: Chemicals, printing, aviation and aircraft construction, public sector, insurance, teaching and research, and churches.

  • Graduate engineer production technology

  • Graduate engineer in environmental technology

  • Environmental verifier

  • Lead auditor for management systems

  • Lead auditor for greenhouse gas emissions

  • Specialist for occupational safety

  • Membership of the German Society for Quality (DGQ)

  • Membership in the Association for Safety

  • Occupational Health and Environmental Protection (VDSI)