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Alexander Geschonneck

Partner, Forensic, Member KPMG Global Forensic Steering Group

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Alexander Geschonneck is a partner at KPMG Forensic and is responsible for the product & technology strategy of KPMG Corporate Governance Services. 
He is an expert on Internal Investigations, Anti-Fraud, White Collar Crime, IT Forensics and Cybercrime and a member of the KPMG Global Forensic Steering Group. Alexander Geschonneck advises companies, banks and public organizations on anti-money laundering, anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures, as well as on the appropriate response to white-collar crime, infringements of compliance regulations and data theft. 

As an acknowledged expert, he has written numerous articles and has contributed to a multitude of professional literature. Furthermore, he is the author of the German standard work on computer forensics on the correct procedure for the detection and investigation of computer crimes. 

Alexander Geschonneck is a member of the KPMG Global Forensic Steering Group.

Areas of expertise
Data and Analytics Ethical business and governance International Markets Investigations Middle Market National Markets Risk, compliance and transformation Trust, integrity and transparency
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