Managing risks in times of globalisation and digitalisation

In times of digitalisation and globalisation, companies are confronted with a variety of risks, for example in their dealings with business partners. Examples of this are default risks with suppliers or late payments in receivables and credit management.  Without active and professional management, these risks can damage a company's reputation and business success. 

Recognising these risks at an early stage and taking appropriate measures to avoid or reduce the resulting damage is a major challenge for companies. At the same time, there is often no automated process in many areas of a company to continuously analyse business partners - such as customers, suppliers and competitors. The introduction and follow-up of appropriate measures is also often neglected or only happens reactively.  

Often, the analysis of business partners is done manually and thus causes both high effort and inconsistencies. Ineffective and reactive measures are the consequences. 

Your holistic solution - advice and system from a single source:

With KPMG Business Environment Monitor, we help you to proactively identify risks. Based on customer-specific metrics, our solution automatically suggests relevant and critical press articles and then analyses them: efficiently and effectively. After successful analysis, appropriate measures are initiated to proactively address potential risks related to the business partners concerned. 

KPMG Business Environment Monitor is part of the KPMG Sofy Suite - a collaboration platform with predefined applications that enables you to operationalise data analyses and use them for the right purpose at the right time. 

Our support starts with understanding your individual use case, recording and assessing your maturity level of related processes and developing recommendations for action. The next step is the derivation of a future process and the development of specific measures. Within the framework of a pilot project, a so-called "proof of concept" and the technical configuration of our system is carried out. 

We support you according to your needs and requirements. For example, it is possible to have our experts carry out the risk analysis and initiation of measures in the form of a managed service offer. Alternatively, we give you direct access to our application. Together with you, we define the appropriate processes in your organisation, train your users and provide permanent technical support. 

In doing so, we draw on a team of business consultants and IT experts with extensive expertise in risk management and data & analytics.  We are characterised by relevant practical experience from numerous successful risk management and advanced analytics projects.

This has the following benefits for you:

  • Time and cost savings through efficient machine learning-supported, automated analysis of a large volume of messages in a short time.
  • Fast and quality-assured due to the focus on the assessment of risks and the early derivation of measures. 
  • Flexible and secure through KPMG hosted scalable cloud implementation and support. 

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