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One thing is for sure: The digital transformation is changing business processes, creating new business models and giving rise to regulatory changes. This is affecting all of the relevant sub-markets of the transportation and logistics industry.

For example, increased customer requirements in the CEP segment, such as guaranteed delivery within a defined time slot or changes to delivery preferences at short notice, are inextricably connected to the need to digitise the underlying processes, such as real-time route planning and dynamic pricing. In contract logistics, too, the rise of automation and the use of wearables is consistently leading to new digital interfaces and changing requirements in terms of the downstream logistics processes and accounting entries.

The same is true for audits. As well as driving sustained corporate transformation, the advance of digitalisation is enabling more efficient and effective audits using new and innovative solutions.

For KPMG Clara – our platform for global collaboration and digital applications – we have digitalised our experience from more than 125 years of auditing and geared it entirely towards the use of state-of-the-art technological developments. This allows us to meet the changing requirements of our customers at all times.

But technology is only part of the solution. Valuable results and permanent improvements for the future can be achieved only in conjunction with experience and expertise, global cooperation, and a transparent and trust-based dialogue with clients. This is our KPMG Value Audit model: We combine innovative technologies with our colleagues’ wealth of experience and knowledge.

In short videos, our experts discuss the value added of the technologies used, outline the trends for the future, describe the values that guide our teams, and report on the smooth international cooperation they enjoy.

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