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Dr Barbara Buhr, Head of the KPMG Law* office

Dr Barbara Buhr is a lawyer and partner in the public sector at KPMG Law* and heads the Law office in Nuremberg. She is responsible for construction and infrastructure projects and provides advice along the entire project process.

Dr. Oliver Buttenhauser, Partner Indirect Tax Services

Dr Oliver Buttenhauser is a partner in Indirect Tax Services. As a tax advisor and lawyer, he advises his clients comprehensively in the area of indirect taxes. Together with his team, he develops solution-oriented approaches for topics of the future such as the digitalisation of the tax department.

Sabine Gronbach, Partnerin Tax

Sabine Gronbach is a lawyer and tax advisor in the field of tax. Due to her many years of practical experience, she has extensive expertise and supports her clients in all tax matters.

Dr. Christian Hensel, Partner KPMG Law*

Dr Christian Hensel is a lawyer and partner at KPMG Law* in Nuremberg. The focus of his work is on corporate transactions. With his comprehensive know-how in this area, he advises clients on company acquisitions and sales, financial investments by private equity and venture capital funds, as well as group restructurings. 

Rüdiger Herr, Partner Audit Attestation

Rüdiger Herr is a partner in the Audit Attestation division. As an auditor and tax advisor, he specialises in auditing medium-sized companies and family businesses. With his many years of experience in this field, he helps his clients to master the challenges of the future.

Matthias Koeplin, Head of KPMG Nuremberg office

Matthias Koeplin is the head of KPMG's Nuremberg office and a partner in the Audit Attestation department. His focus is on auditing and here, in addition to traditional financial reporting, also on corporate governance and sustainability reporting. In particular, he focuses on the digitalisation of auditing.  

Mathias Oberndörfer, Member of the Board Tax

Mathias Oberndörfer is a lawyer and partner at KPMG Law*. He is active throughout Germany as Managing Director of KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH "KPMG Law "* and Chief Tax Officer. His area of responsibility includes the handling of public mandates. In addition, he is active in the management of the entire legal advisory business.

Dr. Joachim Schroff, Partner Audit Attestation

Dr. Joachim Schroff is a certified public accountant and partner in the field of audit attestation. In addition to accounting and auditing of listed companies, he also provides appreciative support for small and medium-sized companies on their way to the stock exchange. 

Dr. Frank Wiesmann, Head of Tax for branch office

Dr Frank Wiesmann is a lawyer and tax consultant. As a tax partner, he coordinates the tax department at the Nuremberg office. Due to his many years of experience in this field, he offers his clients customised advice as well as solution-oriented approaches. 

Simon Faust, Director Accounting & Process Advisory

Simon Faust advises his clients comprehensively on finance and accounting issues, in particular on the conversion of accounting to IFRS as well as on the preparation and implementation of capital market transactions. Together with his team, they are also well equipped to deal with issues surrounding digitalisation in this area. 

Dr. Holger Kelle, Director Audit Attestation

Dr Holger Kelle is a certified public accountant and Director in the Audit Attestation division. As the contact person in the International Business division, he is responsible for the annual and consolidated financial statement audits of companies with a shareholder or a group affiliation abroad. He also looks after international family businesses in our region. 

Alexandra Behrendt, Senior Managerin Audit Attestation

Alexandra Behrendt is an auditor in the field of audit attestation. She serves medium-sized companies and family businesses in our region. In addition to the classic audit of annual and consolidated financial statements, she has in-depth experience in auditing internal control systems. 

Dr. Andreas Demleitner, Senior Manager Corporate Tax Services

Dr Andreas Demleitner is a lawyer and tax advisor in the Corporate Tax Services department. He has extensive expertise in income tax law and advises international companies as well as fast-growing companies from the private equity and venture capital sectors. 

Thomas Eberle, Senior Manager Audit Attestation

As an auditor, Thomas Eberle specialises in auditing small and medium-sized companies. In addition to this area, CSR activities are another important focus of his work.

Klaus-Peter Käuffelin, Senior Manager Audit, Risk & Compliance Services

Klaus-Peter Käuffelin is a tax advisor and auditor in the Audit, Risk & Compliance Services division. He has wide-ranging expertise in the field of corporate governance and supports his clients in the implementation and optimisation of governance systems. 

Michael Olk, Senior Manager Digital Compliance

Michael Olk has in-depth knowledge in the area of digital compliance. In addition to supporting his clients in the implementation of compliance requirements in their projects, he is also the contact person for all consulting issues such as ERP consulting, cyber security, IT strategy or outsourcing consulting. 

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* KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is a legally independent commercial law firm associated with KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft and thus closely linked to the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative.