The right approach to S/4HANA

Evolving your SAP system to S/4HANA is one of the most complex tasks your organisation will face over the next few years Typical issues such as the right SAP architecture, migration, and 'cloud' or 'on premise' give the impression that technology is the main focus, however that is only part of the truth. This is because the migration to S/4HANA is not just an IT project, but directly or indirectly affects all areas and processes in the company: from the tax function to sales, procurement and finance to HR and corporate governance.

Moving to S/4HANA is much more than a technology initiative. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform how you operate, futureproof your organisation, and build a foundation for future success.

A transformation bearing great risks:

Such a major implementation comes with many potential pitfalls and uncertainties. Moreover: the project is an operation at the beating heart of a company. This means that daily business must of course continue to run smoothly also during the entire transformation of the system.

Therefore, the transition to S/4HANA cannot just be carried out somehow: It must be done the right way:

With a focus on ambitious but realistic goals. With clarity in every phase of the process. With foresight for a breathing system that evolves from day 1 and can respond to future changes – new and changing customer needs, new business models and previously unforeseeable changes in business. 


Three decisive factors for success

Done correctly, the migration of the SAP system and the introduction of the new S/4HANA solution forms the basis for positioning a company for future success. We support you in the three major steps towards a secure and efficient transformation:

Project examples

Depending on the objective and the corresponding target, SAP S/4HANA projects take different paths. We will illustrate various approaches and project paths using selected examples.