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Many business processes are now completely digitalised or are increasingly being converted. In this context, the reliable protection of business-critical data is becoming more and more important and crucial for sustainable business success. However, many organisations face significant difficulties in effectively monitoring and managing risks. The growing need for effective, data-driven strategies and solutions comes primarily from the outside.

High requirements for money laundering prevention or the use of external personnel have put companies under pressure to increase their security measures and controls not only for their own data and processes. A comprehensive check of compliance with guidelines can no longer be carried out manually. This is where workflows and analytics can provide the necessary scalability.

Data-driven services support governance, risk and compliance officers in carrying out their duties and involving the entire company, always taking into account the necessary documentation and tracking. Applications in the area of compliance include the monitoring of business partners with regard to possible money laundering activities or sanctions lists as well as the documentation of internal controls (ICS) and their automated exercise. Our Compliance Suite includes various applications to protect your company from potential risks. Among other things, business partners can be monitored with regard to possible money laundering activities and sanctions lists, internal controls (ICS) can be documented and automatically exercised, or the use of external personnel can be checked for possible risks.