Whistle-blowing Hotline

Whistle-blowing Hotline

Above all, we act with integrity: the integrity of our actions is the highest maxim for our work.

Above all, we act with integrity.

By setting ourselves the highest standards, we clearly commit to the KPMG values. That is why we have developed an ethics programme that includes a whistle-blowing hotline.

Our promise to act professionally towards each other, our clients and the capital markets requires integrity in our words and actions. By setting the highest standards for ourselves and our clients, we clearly commit to the KPMG values. Questioning our values is unacceptable. To maintain our culture of integrity, KPMG in Germany has developed an ethics programme that includes a whistle-blowing hotline.

Whistle-blowing Hotline

The Whistle-blowing Hotline enables reporting of illegal or unethical actions when other channels of communication have proven to be ineffective or inappropriate. The hotline can be used by our employees, but also by clients, subcontractors, suppliers and others who have a business relationship with KPMG.

When can I contact the hotline?

The Whistle-blowing Hotline should only be used when you wish to report suspected illegal or unethical conduct, such as:

  • in accounting matters
  • in matters relating to the internal control system
  • in connection with the audit of financial statements
  • in cases of white-collar crime
  • in the case of bribery
  • to report misconduct by KPMG employees in relation to professional standards and self-imposed values (Code of Conduct).

The Whistle-blowing Hotline should not be used to lodge an official complaint regarding the quality of services offered or provided by KPMG in Germany. In these cases, please contact the responsible engagement partner.

We encourage you to raise your concern if it involves

  • KPMG in Germany or employees of the firm, or
    KPMG management in Germany.

If your concern relates to a KPMG firm that is not a group company of KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, please contact that KPMG firm directly or use the KPMG International Hotline, which can be accessed via the details at the following link .

How can I make a report?

The Whistle-blowing Hotline offers three ways in which you can raise your concern:

  • You dial this number: +49 (0)30 - 31 01 82 15: Here you will speak to KPMG's ombudsman, lawyer Margarete Gräfin von Galen. She can be reached during regular office hours. Outside these office hours, an answering machine is switched on.
  • You call the online web-based reporting system: From here, your report will be forwarded to the KPMG ombudsman's office for further processing.
  • You send a report to: Attorney Margarete Gräfin von Galen, Mommsenstr. 45, 10629 Berlin, e-mail: galen@galen.de.

The web-based and telephone reporting systems are available to you around the clock. No matter whether you submit your report by phone, website or letter - the report will be treated confidentially in any case. Of course, this only applies insofar as it is legally permissible and meets the requirements of the investigation as stipulated by KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

What happens to my report?

First of all, the KPMG ombudsman's office (lawyer von Galen) and, if necessary, a member of KPMG's risk management team will look through the report. The first steps are then taken. If the report refers to an employee in the Risk Management team of KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, only the ombudsman's office receives it.

No whistleblower who reports a possible violation in good faith or participates in an investigation of such a violation has to fear negative consequences. KPMG's Code of Conduct prohibits sanction measures against anyone in such a case, even if no sufficient evidence can be provided to substantiate the concerns raised.

Reports that do not concern KPMG in Germany, for example because they concern another member firm, will be forwarded to KPMG International. If your report is forwarded to another member firm of KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft or to KPMG International, it will be subject to the appropriate confidentiality and anti-retaliation rules.


KPMG in Germany cooperates with Clear View Strategic Partners* in Canada, an independent provider of web-based hotline services, to operate the whistle-blowing hotline website. The involvement of an external provider and the use of an external ombudsman ensures confidentiality for those who make reports and anonymity for those who do not wish to give their name.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that we may need to involve third parties in the careful handling of your report. Before submitting your report, you should take into account that in such a case you may become visible as the sender.

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