Energy and resource consumption

Energy and resource consumption

We raise our employees' awareness of conscious energy and resource consumption.

We want to sensitise our employees to the conscious use of energy.

Increasing energy efficiency

In order to make the KPMG offices sustainable and energy-efficient, we have energy considerations and analyses carried out by external service providers, among other things, in advance of a new lease. In this way, the planned facilities can usually be significantly optimised.

By switching to green electricity in the KPMG offices, we have already taken a big step towards more sustainability in building operations.

Conserving resources

Numerous digitalisation projects in our services have shown in recent years: paper files are almost superfluous. So we use the advantages of digitalisation as a matter of course and save a lot of paper. In the future, we want to push ahead with further process optimisation and digitalisation, especially in our internal procedures, and take advantage of savings opportunities.

In those areas where we cannot completely do without paper, we have been using paper from certified sustainable cultivation (FSC) for many years. We have also stopped double-sided black and white printing as standard on all our printers. As a participant in the "CEOs show their colours" campaign of the Initiative Pro Recycling Paper, we have set ourselves the goal of increasing the share of recycled paper at KPMG to 50 per cent by 2020 and have now introduced recycled paper at all KPMG locations.