Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation will allow you to function fully in the digital environment.

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Globalisation, technological innovations, and growing competition impose increasing pressure on companies, forcing them to digitalise their functioning. Due to the inflexibility of their operating models and obsolete IT systems, large corporations often don’t manage to implement changes sufficiently quickly enough.

A well carried out digital transformation will allow you to function fully in the digital environment, meet your customers’ expectations, respond flexibly to changing market conditions and introduce innovations quickly and effectively. This new model of functioning uses the strong points of pro-customer design, agile management and organisation modularisation.

We will help you tackle this change from its concept to implementation by:

• evaluating your preparedness for digitalisation
• formulating a digital vision and strategy
• proposing key performance indicators
• designing a digital operating model
• proposing your new business and IT architecture
• identifying new competences and ensure resources
• setting up and monitoring the implementation of changes
• ensuring the synchronised cooperation of business and IT teams
• designing the implementation of selected parts of the digital organisation.

In the Czech Republic and abroad, KPMG has long-term experience with the implementation of digital transformations. For more than 10 years, we have been helping our clients formulate digital strategies and put them into practice, making use of extensive experience from business, technological knowledge, and partnerships with leading technological companies.

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