Dispute Advisory Services

Dispute Advisory Services

Offering robust, independent and practical advice to assist with the successful resolution of disputes.

Offering robust, independent, practical advice to assist with the resolution of dispute.

Disputes, whether domestic lawsuits or international arbitrations, threaten the financial performance of organisations and may put their very viability at risk. It is therefore crucial to gather and analyse the important facts and financial and accounting data, assess the parties’ position, and develop a strategy to deal with the dispute.

Our assistance in disputes may involve the provision of professional, objective accounting advice or the preparation of expert witness reports to be presented as evidence in court. KPMG’s dispute advisory services include quantification of damage, share and business valuations, and critical assessment of the counterparty’s claims. We can also act as an arbitrator or mediator in the event the parties seek alternative dispute resolution. Where required, we provide oral testimony before a court or a tribunal.

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