Thanks to mobile data, half of all Czechs are planning less and one in six has better chances to meet new people

Data consumption patterns impact our behaviour

Monthly, 60% of Czechs use up to 500 MB of mobile data. Users are most happy with mobile signal coverage, less so with the price of data. Czechs use 70% of their mobile data communicating on social networks and watching videos.



Ondřej Holek

Senior Manager, Management Consulting

KPMG in Czech Republic


The above conclusions stem from KPMG Czech Republic’s study Czechs and Mobile Data in 2016, based on a survey of more than 1,800 mobile internet users and aimed at mapping the behaviour of paying mobile web customers. Currently, 55% of all Czechs between the ages of 18 and 64 use the mobile internet, up by 10 percentage points from 2012.

“Behind the fast advancement of the mobile internet are the LTE data network’s rapid establishment, the operators’ marketing strategy and a decrease in smart phone prices on the one hand and a change in the lifestyle of users as a result of this new technological standard on the other,” says Ondřej Holek, KPMG Czech Republic’s manager in charge of advisory services for the telecommunications sector.

“While in 2014, the LTE network covered 15% of the Czech population, at present it is already at 92%, which has brought the Czech Republic to a top position on the European ladder. In contrast, as regards mobile data consumption, with an average consumption of 600 MB, Czechs are below European levels,” adds Ondřej Holek. “Looking at mobile data consumption in other countries, leaders clearly are Sweden, Finland, Japan, and South Korea where consumption reaches multiples of this average,” adds Ondřej Holek.               

More self-education, more enjoyable travelling, less planning

Two thirds of the respondents aged 18 – 24 years have become to rely on immediate data availability and are planning less. 30% of respondents also mentioned that they are now managing their finances from their mobile phone. One fifth of respondents watch less television but more videos on
their phone.

The mobile web has also significantly changed the personal life of its users. One in every six respondents meets friends less often as a consequence of the mobile internet. On the other hand, the same amount of people feel that they now have better chances to meet new people and partners through their phone.

“Members of the younger generations see the mobile internet as a natural part of their lives but also older generations have a solid grasp of it; it facilitates their navigation, lets them access information and instruction manuals immediately, and makes entertainment more available,” says Ondřej Holek.

One third of the respondents said that thanks to the mobile internet they spend more time self-educating themselves, while 61% said that the mobile web has made travelling more pleasant.

Czechs prefer browsers to applications

In many surveyed areas, Czechs do not differ from European or global averages, but when it comes to the use of applications, they are on the opposite side.

“In the UK, over 80% of all users use applications and only a bare one fifth prefers browsers. In the Czech Republic this percentage is significantly lower,” says Ondřej Holek. “Obviously, Czechs are more conservative and have carried over their desktop habits into the mobile era,” adds Ondřej Holek.

Applications are mostly used to access navigations, maps and social networks (54–65%). Only 28% of respondents like to watch videos
via applications; less than half of the results from abroad. A surprisingly low
percentage of respondents (36%) use applications to access internet banking.

Czechs are satisfied with their mobile operators’ offers and services

Seven out of 10 respondents said that they are satisfied with the mobile data connection provided by their operator. Six out of 10 respondents are also satisfied with the price of data services while less than a fifth of respondents is not.

“No doubt this has to do with the fact that in comparison to Western Europe, Czechs are better informed about current offers and development of data services. For example, in the UK almost 40% people think that in the past three years the price of mobile data has gone up, while in fact it has been declining annually,” says Ondřej Holek.

Mobile data consumption to reach European levels within three years

“Mobile data consumption in the Czech Republic will continue to grow and we expect it to reach the European average in a maximum of three years. The market will benefit both from network sharing among the operators and higher flexibility of one of the operators, once it spins off its infrastructure division,” says Ondřej Holek.    

About the survey

The survey used in the Czechs and Mobile Data in 2016 study was provided by Data Collect, an independent data research agency. Data was collected on-line in March 2016 among 1,850 respondents, representative in age and regional residence. Only active users of data services in mobile devices were approached within this survey.      

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