Responsible Functioning

Responsible Functioning

We Are a Demanding and Socially Responsible Consumer.

We Are a Demanding and Socially Responsible Consumer.

We make every effort to promote responsibility and sustainability into our everyday operations. We have been working with a chain of our suppliers, demanding responsibility within our supply chain, and have been engaging non-profit organisations and social businesses as service suppliers. Every year, we measure the carbon footprint our activities leave behind. We focus on areas critical for us as a non-manufacturing company, namely transport and the consumption of paper and energy. Year-on-year, we managed to decrease the carbon footprint per employee by 14%.

We Are a Demanding and Socially Responsible Consumer

We try to inspire our suppliers with the responsible entrepreneurship principle. Within our purchase and supplier relationship management we follow a defined selection process which applies to all of our suppliers, be they small or significant and strategic. Among our main selection criteria are the quality of a product or service, the reliability, stability and reputation of the supplier, including their social responsibility, as well as price and delivery conditions.

We offer audit services; hence, a significant criterion in the selection of a supplier is their independence. Aside from the defined processes in our selection proceedings we have also introduced a Code for suppliers of KPMG in the Czech Republic. This code has become part of all our supplier contracts, demanding that all suppliers uphold all laws, human rights, and principles of ethics and environmental protection.

We undertake more than 80% of our purchases with local businesses and entrepreneurs and regularly purchase goods and services from businesses in which people with disabilities make up more than 50% of the staff.

We Are Aware of Our Carbon Footprint

We know that our activities affect the environment even if our activities do not involve manufacturing. Consequently, we regularly monitor the carbon footprint and continuously make every endeavour to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Since 2010, we have been a member of the KPMG Global Initiative that monitors the impact and activities to lower the carbon footprint.

Areas that primarily deserve our attention considering the nature of our business are, namely, business travel and the consumption of energy and paper.

Green Company

We have become involved in REMA Systém’s Green Firm project, which primarily focuses on the collection of used electronic equipment and batteries. 

ISO 14 001

To strengthen environmental protection as well as control over and minimisation of pollution risks at our firm we introduced an integrated environmental management system under ISO 14 001.

Educational Internal Campaigns

Throughout the year, we inform employees about the impact of their activities on the environment and motivate them to minimise it as much as possible. In this manner, we reduce the carbon footprint of not only the firm but also of our employees’ households.  Last year, we focused on produced waste and the use of circular elements to eliminate waste while commencing a new Destination: Zero Waste programme. With our employees, we have been discussing topics such as proper waste sorting,  upcycling, zero waste, and  waste reduction.

Our employees had a chance to try to make their own shopping bag from grocery sacks (Relu shopping bags), have zero-waste breakfast, learn how to do zero-waste shopping with organisation Bezobalu, or acquire various environmental-friendly and zero-waste items at the fair. Within our non-profit cinema projections, we showed film Plastic Ocean, followed by a discussion on plastic and bioplastic, or document Die for Design. We also organise swaps of clothes several times a year.

In addition to educational activities, we also make concrete steps such as the removal of one-off paper coffee cups. We have also introduced a lunch box bank for employees who wish to eat their lunch together with their colleagues in an office. Instead of one-off lunch boxes, such employees may use company boxes (we have 100 boxes at their disposal). This may save up to 2 200 disposal boxes a month. To exchange or put away unused books or magazines, we use shared libraries. As swapping has become quite popular, we have established a fixed swapping centre where employees may put away or exchange clothing all year around.