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Our Path to Sustainability

Our Path to Sustainability

Our experts conduct training courses for representatives from the non-profit sector.

Our experts conduct training courses for representatives from the non-profit sector.

Service grants

Once a year, KPMG issues a call for applications for its Service Grants that are provided in the form of concrete professional services. Individual grants focus on the tax, audit, legal or audit area.

Year-long partnerships

With a chosen non-profit organisation, we enter a strategic partnership for one fiscal year and provide it with expert advisory services, volunteers, employee development, and marketing as well as financial and material support. 

Mentoring programmes

As part of this development programme, representatives of our advisory departments mentor non-profit organisations in the field of their expertise. 

Our Goal

We trust that with our expert assistance we can help to make non-profits function more effectively, as they gain the time and means to focus on their charitable missions.
In turn, our employees get the opportunity to widen their horizons, apply their skills and knowledge in a new environment, further develop their soft skills and help a good cause.

For our year-long strategic partnership in the FY 2019, our employees selected Elpida, an organisation helping the elderly. In previous years, our partners were e.g. Centrum pro dětský sluch, Tamtam, offering services to families of hearing-impaired children, and Mobilní hospic Ondrášek, a hospice dedicated to help paediatric and adult patients in the final phases of their lives.

Intended Project Participants

  • Czech non-governmental non-profit organisations and social businesses
  • Bookkeeping organisations
  • Organisations that KPMG Česká republika can significantly aid in their professional functioning and presentation



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