Our Path to Sustainability

Our Path to Sustainability

Our experts conduct training courses for representatives from the non-profit sector.

Our experts conduct training courses for representatives from the non-profit sector.

Non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations and social businesses may use our professional skills on their way to sustainability in form of technical training courses, service grants, and mentoring programmes. We make every effort to accommodate the current needs of organisations and adjust training seminars and projects on offer accordingly. We trust that with our expert assistance we can help make non-profits function more effectively, gain the time and means for them to focus on their charitable missions.

Every year, we spend more than 2 300 hours in providing professional assistance to non-profit organisations and social businesses.

For complete information on the programme, see our website www.cestakudrzitelnosti.cz.

Professional training
Our professionals prepare training for the non-profit sector representatives on topics such as taxes, audit, preparation of annual reports, financial risk management, or marketing communication. Every year, more than 200 representatives of non-profit organisations and social businesses participate in our professional training courses, provided free of charge and taking place from March to June.

You can sign for individual training courses here.

Service Grants

Once a year, KPMG issues a call for applications for its Service Grants in the form of concrete professional services. Individual grants focus on tax, legal, accounting advisory, strategic management, financial analysis, and reporting issues. This involves the provision of our commercial services to selected non-profits for a symbolic fee.

Mentoring Programme

Via mentoring, our talent programme volunteers help non-profits solve specific problems associated with their operations. Within a semi-annual programme, our professionals cooperate with the representatives of a non-profit organisation or a social business and they jointly arrive at suitable solutions.

After the completion of the programme, both the organisation and the mentor receive feedback on the work performed, which may help them in their further personal development.

With a chosen non-profit organisation, we enter into a strategic partnership for one fiscal year and provide it with expert advisory services, volunteers, educational programmes, employee development programmes, and marketing as well as financial and material support.

For our year-long strategic partnership from October 2019 to September 2020, our employees selected Loono, an organisation helping the public take proper and timely care of their health. In previous years, our partners were e.g. Elpida, helping the elderly, Centrum pro dětský sluch - Tamtam, offering services to families of hearing-impaired children, and Mobilní hospic Ondrášek, a hospice dedicated to help paediatric and adult patients in the final phases of their lives.

Pro bono

We have been providing our audit, accounting and advisory services to tens of non-profit organisations, either free of charge or for a symbolic fee, helping them save funds that are then used for their charitable and social-benefit projects.


We use our professional skills and knowledge to promote and develop the personal involvement and approach of the young towards entrepreneurial responsibility and sustainability.

iKid is an educational project for children between 10 –14 years old, helping the young generation learn how to do business, how businesses operate and what is necessary to launch a product in the market.

Over a period of six months, young innovators meet approximately once a week and try themselves how to establish their own start-up in five phases, utilising the support provided by mentors who have thorough knowledge of business environment. During the project, children may also participate in workshops with professionals or trips to visit interesting companies.

For more information on iKid and on how to get involved, please click here.

For more detailed information about the programme, please visit www.cestakudrzitelnosti.cz.