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Employee Care

Employee Care

The care we provide to our employees also involves their social responsibility.

The care we provide to our employees also involves their social responsibility.

The care we provide to our employees also involves their social responsibility. We offer them chances for personal development through various CSR activities and support their personal engagement and volunteering in their free time.

Expert Volunteers

Our employees are involved in our Path to Sustainability project – both as instructors of courses offered to non-profit organisations as well as mentors that guide the individual organisations.


Our employees have the opportunity to spend one fully paid day a year helping a non-profit organisation working in the communities in which we operate. In the fiscal year 2018, 346 volunteers dedicated their time on this day of the year to the charity of their choice.

Employee Grant Programme

We support organisations with whom our employees have lasting relationships. Every year, our staff may introduce an organisation of their choice into our grant process and gain up to CZK 30 000 for the organisation’s programme. In the FY 2018, we donated CZK 533 609 to 24 non-profit organisations in this manner.

Matching Fund

Anytime our employees want to help, we support them. If colleagues get together and raise money among themselves to support a good cause, we match their donations equally.

In 2016, we launched the internal app Pro dobrou věc (for a good cause) which has simplified the donation process as well as the administration of any fund raisers. In 2018, with the help of this app, in five fund drives, our employees raised CZK 337 495.


Day for Life

For almost 10 years we have been enabling our employees to donate blood directly in our offices. Since October 2016, we have been organising these blood drives together with the neighbouring Hilton hotel. Every year, we thus manage to donate more than 44 litres of blood.

Since 2017, employees can also add their names to the Czech Donor Registry for Hematopoietic Stem Cells.

Sports for a Good Cause

Our employees also like to help with their sports endeavours and thus we also often participate in charity events that involve sports. We have taken part in Sue Ryder Cups, Liga Cups and many Dragon Boat Races.

Non-profit Cinema

Right in our building, we show documentary films featuring important social or ecological topics. The films’ showings are always followed by discussions with experts from the non-profit sector. The goal is to familiarise our employees (and their families) with possibilities for their personal engagement and to show them the work of non-profits in detail.

Non-financial Collection Drives

Throughout the year, our employees may donate clothing as well as personal hygiene items for the needy. We then donate the collected items to organisations that subsequently distribute them where they are most needed. During 2018 we managed to collect and donate 559 kg of clothing.

For more information on how we take care of our employees you can find it in our sustainability report.