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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility forms an important part of our corporate culture, our values, and our business strategy.

Our plan for sustainable business.

Our plan for sustainable business.
Our plan for sustainable business.

Social Responsibility

“We’ve embarked on the path towards sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship and are not trying to hide that this is intended to help in the growth of both our social environment and our firm. It still holds that we aim to base our activities on ethical and transparent behaviour, because we want to do business in pleasant and cultivated surroundings. Our services offer the knowledge and skills of our people, hence it is essential that inside the firm, good relationships prevail, and that we offer our employees all the preconditions they need to be successful and satisfied at work. We develop our employees’ technical as well as soft skills by assisting non-profit organisations in learning to function and use their resources more effectively. We also try to use our main non-renewable resource – paper – more responsibly, and aim to reduce our business travels to be as considerate to the environment as possible. Finally but just as importantly, we want to support the responsible involvement in and sustainable attitude towards business of young people.”

Karel Růžička
Partner in charge of CSR

Our Path Towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship

  • Sustainable business strategy
  • We act ethically and transparently
  • We take care of our employees
  • We help with what we do best
  • Responsible functioning

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Anna Vaníčková
Supervisor, CSR
+420 222 123 319