Formal Appointments

Formal Appointments

Realizing value through insolvency

Realizing value through insolvency

Insolvencies can test the limit of any organization and hinder the ability of management to identify opportunities during what is usually a very stressful and complex transition. 

Taking into account the complex considerations that must be considered, and the fact that insolvency often requires a number of plans executed concurrently, often in a cross border and multi-jurisdictional level, our professionals, who are approved insolvency practitioners, are committed to making the complex manageable by participating in the early stages of solvency strategy planning as well as by undertaking formal appointments. Properly designed and executed, such plans enable complex financial, legal and regulatory obligations to be addressed in a manner that helps realize value the insolvency process. Our team can guide you through the path to help you emerge from the experience with as much value intact as possible and prepare you for what comes next.

Our integrated team of specialists, consisting of financial and legal advisors specializing in insolvency and restructuring can undertake appointments as:

  1. Liquidators to carry out compulsory and voluntary liquidations in insolvency and in group reduction or rationalisation scenarios
  2. Independent Experts to provide opinions in relation to a company’s prospects of survival and returns to creditors for the purpose of appointing an Examiner
  3. Examiners to prepare proposals for the rescue and rehabilitation of a company which, although insolvent, has a reasonable prospect of survival and is under the protection of the court
  4. Receivers and Managers to manage a company’s business to the benefit of a debenture holder

In addition, our insolvency practitioners are well equipped to act as facilitators between all stakeholders and assist with the negotiation and implementation of reconstructions and schemes of arrangements, any debt
restructuring arrangements, and any group reduction or rationalization

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