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Property Lending Barometer 2017 - Realities and Future perspectives

Property Lending Barometer 2017

The 8th edition of KPMG's comprehensive survey, which measures the sentiment for bank financing in the real estate sector in 17 countries across Europe.


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KPMG’s Real Estate Advisory Practice released the Property Lending Barometer 2017, which is the 8th edition of KPMG’s annually performed survey of banks’ Real Estate financing. Based on interviews conducted with bank representatives from 17 European countries including Cyprus, the report assesses the prospects and sentiment for bank financing in the Real Estate sector in Europe.

Moreover, the report provides a separate snapshot of the participating countries highlighting their unique characteristics. KPMG in Cyprus has participated in the survey though interviews and questionnaires with a number of financial institutions in Cyprus, in a process conducted by the Deal Advisory department. The report’s conclusions will be presented in forthcoming events, which will be organized the next few weeks.

Summarizing the outcome, Christophoros Anayiotos, Board Member of KPMG in Cyprus and Head of Deal Advisory said that “the market continues its recovery with certain niche sectors performing quite well. Resolving persistent Non-Performing Loan (NPL) issues is fuelling, albeit at a slow rate, revival of the market while at the same time, we have observed important purchases by foreign investors, financed by own equity”.

It is important to note that a number of analysts, data scientists but also enterprises on both international and local level expressed their interest to sincerely evaluate the wealth of information and analysis provided in Property Lending Barometer 2017.

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