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KPMG Ignite Accelerates Strategies For Intelligent Automation and Growth

KPMG Ignite Unlocks the Value of AI


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At its Global Data & Analytics (D&A) Summit in Boston, KPMG in the USA and KPMG International  announced the launch of KPMG Ignite, a portfolio of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities aiming to enhance, accelerate and automate decisions and processes that support clients' digital transformation journeys. KPMG’s leadership in both Intelligent Automation and D&A has earned the firm recognition from top industry analyst firms.

In building KPMG Ignite, KPMG member firms have combined the strength of their strategic alliances with technology providers across the AI landscape, with the aim of creating powerful value through advanced analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and beyond.  These relationships allow KPMG to supplement the solutions with advanced data and analytics applications and platforms to help clients digitally transform their enterprise.

“Artificial intelligence, combined with advanced data and analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are  enabling a new generation of intelligent automation that is changing the nature of work and quality of services”, said Mr. Cliff Justice, Principal and Leader of Intelligent Automation, KPMG in the USA. “KPMG Ignite will offer clients and our KPMG professionals some of the most advanced suite of Artificial Intelligence tools, solution capabilities and accelerators, designed to move quickly and capture the most value in this era of exponential technology change”.

“The promise of Artificial Intelligence requires more than just technology. KPMG Ignite fills a critical void in the marketplace for businesses that aim to meet the competitive challenges of the future, particularly those who wish to expand and serve customers more efficiently” said Mr. Brad Fisher, KPMG’s USA Leader of Data & Analytics.

At national level, KPMG in Cyprus has an established footprint in D&A service offerings that helps business leaders to harness the potential that resides in their data. Additionally, the Firm introduced the Digital Innovation Service Line to promote innovation utilizing emerging technologies such as AI, ML, RPA and Internet of Things (IoT) for the development of solutions to answer complex business challenges. 

Mr. Gerasimos Ntouskas, Principal and Data and Analytics Service Line Lead of KPMG in Cyprus said: “in a world shaped by disruption, KPMG Data & Analytics professionals focus on helping organizations drive value by making better, faster decisions. We take a business-first approach and are adept at guiding businesses through the complex process of digital transformation”. Mr. Konstantinos Botsaris, Manager and Digital Innovation Service Line Lead of KPMG in Cyprus added: “Our teams apply trusted D&A platforms to help improve the decision-making process and derive value-adding actions”.

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