Corporate development teams are dynamic enterprises integral to organizational growth. Albeit, in an era of heightened customer distrust, increased regulatory scrutiny, and rampant disruption, corporate development teams need to readjust. Like global banks – who have embarked on new strategic journeys – corporate development teams need to innovate their approach to match their bank's drive for transformation.

With survey data from corporate development and M&A teams at banks around the world, as well as commentary from KPMG's Deal Advisory professionals, this new report, The trajectory of transactions (PDF 1.2 MB), highlights corporate development trends within the banking industry and offers ways corporate development teams can innovate their strategies to embrace disruptive change. This report seeks to help deal-makers and strategists deliver new value amidst today's changing landscape.

Key highlights

  • Appetite for growth varies across the industry - 80 percent of teams surveyed expressed they are planning buy-side deals in the next three years, while 68 percent anticipate sell-side deals.
  • Organic growth is king, globally - Only 10 percent of those surveyed stated their growth will be inorganic.
  • Pockets of inorganic potential remain - The US market has undergone a wave of consolidations among its small and medium-size banks. A similar inorganic growth trend is also present in the UK.
  • Future deal-making in fintechs - Corporate development teams stated they expect fintech will have a significant impact on their bank's growth strategy; albeit, their role in furthering their bank's fintech agenda has been nascent, thus far.
  • Corporate development teams grow their skills - Corporate development teams are growing their expertise in topics including regulatory change, payment systems, and diligence capabilities.

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