Country specific findings

Country specific findings

KPMG International’s report looks at emerging trends around the globe.


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Brazil emerging themes

After a deep recession, and a weak recovery, Brazilian consumers are ready to embrace the benefits of the digital world, even though their trust in public and private institutions is low.

68% of consumers in Brazil are worried about identity theft.

“I'm becoming worried about that. Every single time that you need to do something, they keep asking for more information and more information, and right now, I believe that my whole life is on the net.”

Andreas, 41, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Canada emerging themes

Generational differences are not as profound in Canada where consumers of all ages see wealth as helping them to enjoy the real-world experiences they desire and are discomfited by the idea of sharing their data.

57% of consumers in Canada don't trust anyone with their social media data

“I don't really like it. I don't like [data sharing]. That's how I feel. Everyone has to have [their] private information they don't want to share with anyone..."

Aman, 28, Toronto, Canada

China emerging themes

Some Chinese consumers are looking to trade up, while others are trading down as they hunt for bargains. Yet both groups are looking to technology to help them manage their time and their budget.

37% of consumers in China would trade personal data for a better customer experience.

“I think that technology makes life easier. Especially when taking care of children and parents. Because we can connect, contact others more quickly and use Baidu and Google to look up how to take care of children and parents.”

Angel, 52, Shanghai, China

France emerging themes

Experienced in e-commerce, French consumers look to social media to influence their purchases and want their online life to feel personal, not corporate.

33% of consumers in France say they would not trade their data.

“On social media, if I'm looking for some information I guess I would see how many followers they have and the kind of content they're putting up everyday.”

Martine, 42, Paris

India emerging themes

Technology is revolutionizing shopping for many Indian consumers in the smaller cities and rural areas, yet as their choice widens, they are becoming less forgiving of companies that don't deliver on their promise.

51% of urban respondents in India said they worked 6 days a week.

"These days you can get everything at home through online shopping. You can try clothes on and then you can send it back. I think convenience is the most important thing for me to be a succesful consumer and it's just followed by pricing."

Aanchal, 33, Bangalore, India

UAE emerging themes

UAE consumers have high disposable incomes, are enthusiastic about digital innovations and, familiar with digital public services, are likely to drive rapid growth in e-commerce.

46% of consumers in the UAE find virtual personal assistants 'cool'.

“I am selective about platforms I use to connect with people personally and professionally. The increase in number of platforms available and the sheer amount of feed it results in is quite overwhelming.”

Anjali, 34, Dubai, UAE

UK emerging themes

British consumers have embraced digital technology - especially e-commerce - but, uncertain about a post-Brexit future and anxious about the present, they are increasingly worried about trust and privacy.

34% of consumers in the UK say their data is not for sale.

“The best thing they could do is try and target it to something I would like to buy, but I guess the worst thing would be transferring it on to other companies, which I wouldn't be happy with.”

Rachel, 34, Belfast, UK

US emerging themes

American consumers increasingly see spending as an expression of their opinion, further complicating a vast, diverse market. Yet they are receptive to companies who deliver meaningful customer experiences.

47% of US consumers say they're willing to pay more to an ethical retailer that gives back to society.

“[Burt's Bees] were one of the first companies [I saw] that were starting to advertise they didn't test on animals and they used natural products. So I chose to go with them and it kind of snowballed into choosing more like that. When I go to the grocery store, I try to buy cage-free eggs or something that seems as though it's treating the people and animals involved well...”

Stacy, 31, New York, NY, USA

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