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How KPMG can help your business transform

How KPMG can help your business transform

Too often, the value from transformation goes unrealized due to disconnects between business model strategy, operating model execution and the complex issues that companies face when implementing change.


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The Value Delivery Framework

Having a framework that is agile to help insurers plan and envision their transformation journey is critical. KPMG's value delivery framework can be activated regardless of the project’s start point or current progress.

  1. Strategy: define the strategy, including the overarching ambition/goal and business operating model
  2. High level design: define how the operating model needs to be reconfigured to deliver the vision, strategy and value
  3. Detailed design: capture the detailed requirements and define the solution design that will deliver the target operating model
  4. Build: develop, prototype and test the changes according to the desired outcomes
  5. Implement: deploy the changes and new ways of working into the business
  6. Improve: extract the value from the transformation, maintain the value created, and continue to improve performance incrementally through a culture that supports innovation and ongoing business sustainability

Customer-centric, innovation-driven transformation

KPMG’s customer-centric and innovation-driven business transformation approach allows our member firms’ clients to develop and align their strategic and financial objectives to required business and operating models, organizational culture, measures and incentives, and provides them with the capability to change to connect vision to value.  Learn more about how we helped an insurance organization build their transformation capabilities.

Our people

KPMG’s multi-disciplinary insurance professionals understand the significance and complexity of choreographing the continual model refinements necessary to effect transformation across the organization, including the employees, processes, technology, data and risk management.  Our value delivery framework guides transformation delivery and it is supported by a tightly knit, global and integrated approach to achieve optimal value.

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