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Transparency report

Transparency report

Our Transparency report articulates the steps that KPMG member firms take to uphold our professional obligations and responsibilities.

Our Transparency report articulates the steps that KPMG member firms take...

Transparency Report - KPMG International

We maintain an overriding commitment to audit quality and delivering value to stakeholders. The KPMG International Transparency Report consists of two documents - a summary document with a focus on audit quality and a supplement covering certain aspects of our system of quality control in more detail.


2015 Transparency Report - KPMG In Cyprus

The 2015 Transparency Report describes our strategy,structure, governance and systems of quality control. In the transparency report we also set out the financial results from our operations during what turned out to be another challenging year.

In 2014 we promised to stand next to our clients and employees and at the same time to take measures to reduce costs, maintaining at the same time efficiency and top quality of services. Cyprus Economy is gradualy improving and are pleased to note that our investment in developing our advisory services resulted in an impressive growth in 2015.

Our clients continued to respond positively to our firm, maintaining KPMG as the number one audit firm in Cyprus. Our determination in continuing our investment in talent and technology gives us confidence in, achieving our vision to be the clear choice in the professional services sector.  

  • 2015 Transparency Report - KPMG in Cyprus

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