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KPMG Integrity Survey 2013

Key findings from the report:

  • Nearly three out of four employees reported that they had observed misconduct within their organisations in the previous 12 months
  • More than half of employees reported that what they observed could potentially cause a significant loss of public trust if discovered
  • Some of the driving forces behind fraud and misconduct in the corporate environment include pressure to do "whatever it takes" to meet targets, not taking the code of conduct seriously, believing employees will be rewarded based upon results and not the means used to achieve them, and fear of losing one's job for not meeting performance targets
  • Nearly half of employees were uncertain that they would be protected from retaliation if they reported concerns to management. And more than half suggested a lack of confidence that they would be satisfied with the outcome
  • Ethics and compliance programs continue to have a favorable impact on employee perceptions and behaviors  

In an environment marked by eroding confidence and trust, now may be the time to evaluate whether the programs and controls that safeguard your reputation for integrity are working effectively to do just that. We hope you find this information valuable to you and your organisation.

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