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Tax Data & Analytics

Tax Data & Analytics

KPMG’s Tax Intelligence Solution transforms data and knowledge into value.

KPMG’s Tax Intelligence Solution transforms data and knowledge into value.

Tax Data and Analytics: Transforming tax data and knowledge into value

We are living in an era where tax dominates discussions amongst governments, economists, businesses, the media, and even the general public. These discussions highlight the importance of data, and how it can be used to provide valuable information to a business as a means of increasing revenue, finding savings, and detecting errors and anomalies.

To transform this data into knowledge and insights, you need a solution that can deliver informed decision-making for your Chinese and global operations. This is why KPMG has developed the Tax Intelligence Solution (TIS) for China, which provides an integrated suite of technology-based analytical tools, methodologies and insights. TIS has a wide-ranging suite of data and analytics tools that provides insight into VAT, Transfer Pricing and Customs & Trade

TIS can help increase tax process efficiencies by identifying taxes that have been incorrectly expensed and detecting tax determination errors earlier, helping reduce the risk of penalties and the time spent settling tax audits and queries. TIS puts your tax professionals proactively in control of the tax process, which can enhance working capital, and ultimately help your organisation avoid financial, reputational, strategic and operational risks. 

The China-ready version of TIS contains:

  • Analytics tests specifically written or adapted for China
  • Easy switching from simplified Chinese to English 
  • Ready to use on ERP systems commonly in place in China
  • On-premises functionality so secure that your data never leaves your IT premises
  • Linkages between transactions going through your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the Golden Tax System.

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