German Focus Group

German Focus Group

Provide audit, tax and advisory services to German/Chinese organisations and companies with their investment in Germany and Europe.

Provide services to companies with their investment in Germany and Europe.

The purpose of the practice is to provide audit, tax and advisory services to German organisations already present, or considering operating in China as well as assisting Chinese companies with their investment in Germany and Europe.


KPMG's German Focus Group provides the following services:

  • First point of contact for German companies investing in China.
  • First point of contact for Chinese companies investing in Germany and Europe.
  • Adhoc technical advice, explanations and practical help about doing business in China.
  • Help to liaise with KPMG professionals about the full range of business services provided by KPMG including audit, tax, corporate tax, individual income tax, tax compliance and transfer pricing, transaction services, corporate finance and advisory services like IT planning, risk management, controls and sourcing.


We support companies in China in areas like:

  • Set-up of legal entities and holdings
  • Support of Internal Audit
  • Agreed-upon procedures or selected finance positions
  • Risk management and compliance review
  • Corporate tax and individual income tax
  • IT planning, controls and sourcing
  • Strategic Sourcing & Procurement / Supply Chain Management


Inbound investment advice:

  • Assistance in deal sourcing and commercial due diligence engagements
  • Financial, tax and IT due diligence assistance
  • Commercial and regulatory valuation assistance
  • Statutory valuation monitoring assistance (applicable to transactions involving state-owned enterprises or state-owned assets in China)
  • Post-deal integration support
  • Assistance in reorganisation / restructuring projects in China
  • Support in forensic enquiries


Outbound investment advice:

  • Set-up of operations
  • Listing on London and Frankfurt stock exchanges
  • Location search support

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