Cyber response services

Information security controls are imperfect in various ways, and not all cybersecurity incidents can be prevented. The impact due to such incidents can be devastating, including but not limited to, financial losses, leakage of confidential information, regulatory enquiries and litigations, disruption of business services and erosion of market competitiveness, brand reputation and customer loyalty.

KPMG in China can help your organisation to rapidly detect incidents, minimise loss and destruction as well as to mitigate the weaknesses that may have been exploited. We have a highly experienced team of cybersecurity professionals and forensic examiners, and our incident response processes have been created in accordance with several internationally accepted frameworks and refined by practical experiences. We have been working with leading law firms and cyber insurers to provide a holistic cyber response support to our Clients.

An overview of our cyber response solutions is as set out below:

Incident Response Plan

Incident Response Plan is a primary reference document to define roles and responsibilities of different stake holders during a cyber incident management, and give guidance on how to undertake which activities to respond and recover. KPMG actively helps its clients to create and update Incident Response Plans and prepare playbooks for handing critical cyber fraud scenarios.

Cyber Incident Simulation

To obtain an understanding of a Company's readiness on cyber response, a cyber incident simulation is an experiential exercise that will uncover operational issues. A facilitator walks through a tailored cyber incident with the group in stages, presenting key decision moments and works with the group, to guide the stakeholders through the complexities of responding to it.

On-Call Cyber Incident Response

It is KPMG’s custom-tailored service to our Clients involving proactive contracting, which can ensure a faster and an effective response to cyber incidents affecting them. Where KPMG have on-boarded clients, KPMG can offer a SLA and global escalation contact points. During on-boarding, KPMG would conduct a high level assessment of current client’s capabilities such as Incident Response Plan, IT Infrastructure and Forensic Readiness.

Incident management

KPMG has a global team of qualified professionals who can tackle incidents of high complexity. KPMG can provide wide support during incidents, ranging from incident management and digital forensics to assistance dealing with regulatory matters, remediation and attorney client privilege. We understand that the highest priority for our clients during cyber-incidents is to return to business as usual with minimal impact. KPMG’s industry expertise and familiarity with client’s business helps provide targeted and practical advice.

KPMG offers technical strategies and recommendations solely which is fit and appropriate for your business. We can work with you to get a step ahead, strengthening your defences and knowing who to call to help mitigate cyber attacks.

For details, kindly refer our capability deck of cyber response services: